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The Moi University Institute of Open Distance e-Learning (IODeL) has been positioned to drive the University's curriculum in a digitally competitive space, by providing teaching staff with capacity to use current Instructional Design approaches that make learners' experiences both rewarding and interesting.  In this regard, the Institute has leveraged on the diverse technological advances, such as, the emerging popularity of the smartphone to develop  a  versatile  platform  to  offer  flexibility  to  digital  learners  to  access  the  Moi University  Learner  Management  System  (LMS)  called   Moi  University System  of Managing Instruction (MUSOMI), which is also the Kiswahili word for “scholar”. The Google MUSOMI Mobile App. is providing convenient access to the LMS for the learners. With the unlimited potential for Open and Distance Learning to offer flexibility to the learner in choice of place, pace of course completion, and the timing of a programme.

Masibo Lumala, PhD
Masibo Lumala, PhDDirector, IODeLiodldirector@mu.ac.ke


To be a centre of excellence in expanding access to Moi University academic programmes through Open and Distance Learning.


To spearhead the utilization of alternative and flexible approaches to education provision through distance education, open, electronic and virtual learning in order to increase access to Moi University academic programmes and also provide possibilities for accelerating completion of study.


  1. Utilize ICT and other media to offer flexible approaches to access Moi University academic programmes through ODEL.
  2. Support Staff and Students engaged with ODEL by providing capacity building, relevant teaching and learning resources.
  3. Monitor and evaluate performance of ODEL in the University.
  4. Provide an avenue for lifelong, Continuing, Professional Development.
  5. Develop networks and linkages with other similar institutions with a view to adopting best practices to enhance Moi University’s competitiveness.


  1. To provide alternative opportunities for further education to those who are eligible.
  2. To offer flexible and alternative approaches to the provision of Moi university academic programmes.
  3. To utilize ICT and other media in the provision and expansion of higher education.
  4. To leverage School and Departmental effectiveness by using ODL in instruction, learning and research.
  5. To provide an avenue for lifelong, continuing, professional education and training.
  6. To develop networks and linkages with other similar institutions.
  7. To support the University mission in enhancing access and equity in education.

Meet our Team

Masibo Lumala, PhD
Masibo Lumala, PhDDirector, IODeLmasibo.lumala@mu.ac.ke
Silyvier Tsindoli, PhD
Silyvier Tsindoli, PhDDeputy Director, IODeLctsindoli@mu.ac.ke
Ms. Irene Kugui
Ms. Irene KuguiAssistant Registrarirenejk@mu.ac.ke
Ms. Dorothy Okeyo Kwemoi
Ms. Dorothy Okeyo KwemoiResearch Assistantdotokeyo@mu.ac.ke
Ms. Hellen Aredo
Ms. Hellen AredoLibrary Assistantarchieredo@mu.ac.ke
Ms. Lucy Goin
Ms. Lucy GoinSenior ICT Technicianlucykemboi@mu.ac.ke
Mr. Cosmas Taboi
Mr. Cosmas TaboiLibrary Assistantcostabirgen@mu.ac.ke
Ms. Ann Mwangi
Ms. Ann MwangiSecretaryannemwangi@mu.ac.ke
Ms. Miriam Chepng'eno
Ms. Miriam Chepng'enoE-Learning Designermiriam@mu.ac.ke
Mr. Kevin Kutoyi
Mr. Kevin KutoyiMultimedia Developerkevinkutoyi@mu.ac.ke
Mr. Jesse Songok
Mr. Jesse SongokSoftware Developerjessesongok@mu.ac.ke

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