Launching of Repair Works for the Centres of Competence in Digital Education (C-CoDE)


The meeting started with a word of prayer from Ms. Hellen Oyamo. The Director IODeL then welcomed everyone and expressed his joy that the repair works were finally getting underway. He informed those present that Moi University submitted a proposal to Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland and Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique, Morocco for the creation of a Center of Competence in Digital Education (C-CoDE) under the Digital Education Plan and the said project was selected to be part of the Program in September 2020. The Program focused on the ‘Digital Education Plan’. Through the partnership Moi University was to benefit from the creation and development of a Centre of Competence in Digital Education and training of a sizable cohort of professors in online teaching, as well as the training of experts in pedagogical re-engineering and of technical staff who would help run the Centre.


The Launch of Repair Works

The launch of repair works was organized by the Director, Institute of Open and Distance E-Learning on 1st February, 2023 that brought together the Deputy Vice-Chancellor- Administration, Planning & Strategy (DVC-A,P & S), the Ag. Chief Finance Officer, the University Development Officers, Procurement Unit, IODEL Staff, members of Estates & Maintenance. In his brief remarks, the Director pointed out that purpose of the Centre was to train all lecturers on how to record their teaching resources for both blended and distance learning and ensure no student is left behind, regardless of where they are.  The Centre will also require technicians who will assist in the training of the lecturers on how to prepare digital content for effective teaching and learning. The Director urged the maintenance staff who were present to work as a team to ensure a smooth completion of the project. He also requested in-house plants to be included in the beautification of the Centre. He assured members that EPFL had received the Invoice from the University and the funds should be available shortly.

The Head of the Estates & Maintenance office noted that it was an honor for the University to be funded for the creation of the Centre for Competence in Digital Competence and promised to use internal resources (labor) to ensure quality results. He encouraged his members to work as a team since the project had urgent timelines and requested the finance and procurement unit to work swiftly to ensure that his team did not lack the requirements for the repairs. He also requested the Institute to share with his team the list of the specifications of the studio to ensure that it was up to standards as required by the donors.

The Head of Development promised to work with team to ensure quality and improve on areas with shortcomings to prove to the rest that the University was capable of offering the best services.

The DVC-A, P & S, in his remarks pointed out that the donors had high expectations from the University. He expressed his confidence that the team put together for the repair works was proactive and that he believed in their ability to deliver on their promises, noting further that he expected the best from them. He requested the team to avoid procrastinate to ensure that the project ran smoothly since it was time bound. That a list of requirements and specifications be prepared by members of the Estates & Maintenance and to be shared with Mr. Tenai from Procurement Unit. The DVC assured the team that he was available to everyone to ensure that the process was expedited to ensure the project meets it targets and objective. He asked the members to have a list of what needs to be done and to adhere to the timelines. He also urged team members to share any challenges they would come across for the team to find speedy solutions. He expressed his hope that the Plenary and the Centre will be used to train other University lecturers which will be a source of income for the University. He requested the team to have integrity in everything they do, stop being wasteful and appreciate each other at work.


The Director informed those in attendance that our partners in Switzerland will visit in April to officially inaugurate the Centre and offer training to our technicians on how to use the various equipment that would have been installed. The Visiting Team will also make presentations at a one-day symposium to coincide with C-CoDE Inauguration.

It was finally agreed that the coordinating team for the repair works will have weekly meetings on Fridays to ensure that the repairs are in progress, of the required standards and to the team adheres to the set timelines.. The Procurement Unit was requested to ensure the quality of purchases and procured items were based on market prices. The Ag. Chief Finance Officer assured the team of her full support and her readiness to disburse the funds in a timely manner to ensure the repairs are completed. She also promised to start working on clearing the equipment from Switzerland as soon as they disbursed. She requested that the Director, IODEL requests the team at EPFL to do a formal letter stating that the equipment is educational donation to Moi University aimed at strengthening digital education at the University. That the said letter should be accompanied by list of all the equipment being supplied and the value thereof.


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