Moi University Students participate in Mobile Application Development training

"We have learned a lot and are now able to apply the skills we have in solving day-to-day problems facing society using technology. Mobile Apps are a great way of raising awareness on SDGs."
This was the verdict of one of the students at the end of a one-month Kenya National Commission to UNESCO sponsored Mobile Application Development training for Moi University Students. Apart from developing mobile applications that address at least one of the #SDGs, the students were equipped with #marketing skills, #financial skills, #research skills and had to work in #teams!
The winning app, #FinPlar, focused on encouraging people to save money through effective budgeting and spending only that which they have. Through the app, the user outlines his monthly/daily expenses, deposits the money for each budget in FinPlar and the app then restricts expenditure to the set budget. It won't let you spend beyond the set maximum amount. I can't wait to have FinPlar on my phone!
Thank you Angela Muchai for this great initiative. We look forward to having a formal MoU between Moi University IODL and KNATCOM UNESCO so as to make this part of our annual activities. #Technology is no longer the future but the present.
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